Diesel Particulate Filter Repairs

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AES York Limited specialises in diesel particulate filter (DPF) repairs. Common issues you may experience with your DPF include when it becomes clogged with soot, see black smoke when accelerating, have DPF regeneration problems or find your dashboard warning light is on.

If you experience any of the above problems with your DPF then please contact us.

The Diesel Particulate Filter

DPFs are fitted to the exhaust of all new diesel vehicles. They are designed to catch the harmful soot and ash particles that are made when diesel is burned. This prevents them from passing into the atmosphere.

Problems can arise however when these soot particles block the filter and can cause the engine to seize and may result in a sizeable repair bill.

Your dashboard warning light will light up when the filter is blocked. When this happens it is advised to take your diesel vehicle for a 30-40 minute motorway drive at a sustained speed, allowing the exhaust temperature to increase and burn off any excess soot that is in the filter allowing it to be expelled effectively. This is a process known as “passive regeneration”.

The process of “active regeneration” is normally a limit programmed into the ECU of the vehicle. Once the DPF reaches this amount of soot the exhaust temperature is automatically raised. However, most journeys made in day-to-day life are often less than the time needed to complete the active regeneration process and if it is interrupted too often then you can find issues occurring. To maintain a DPF the best thing to do is ensure that it’s able to regenerate itself properly. Most DPF problems occur when this process is interrupted. Other causes of DPF issues are faulty injectors and turbochargers.

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